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Tempered forged chisels

Tempered forged chisels

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In our workshop we manufacture a range of various metal tools. All the tools are made ​​from the finest quality steel.
Forging and hardening is not a complicated procedure, but it requires from a worker certain knowledge of different kinds of steels. The most difficult part is tempering. Before tempering is started, the chisel first must be submerged in water, than heated. This should be done in the shortest time possible to avoid the overheating. Also, the tip of the chisel is not to be further heated in the furnace unless needed. After that the chisel is not directly transferred to the hardening procedure, but slowly dried in cool white sand. As a result, the chisel is protected from the air during the cooling, otherwise the air may cause damage to the instrument. Then the tip of the chiesel is forged with the attention to the right angle between the tip and the belt grinder or large grinding wheel, so that the forces acting on the tip / edge would be evenly distributed and the degradation of the tip / edge would be excluded. This operation must be carried out before hardening, because after being exposed the heat from the grinding, a hardened chisel may lose its hardness.
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Tempered forged chisels
Tempered forged chisels
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