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Snail extracts for pharmacopoeia

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Traditional pharmacopoeias provide solutions for everyday problems based on customs inherited from our forebears. There has always been an interest in these treatments, which use natural extracts to treat all sorts of ailments but over time, with the development of science, many of these remedies have not stood up to empirical analysis and some of them have fallen into disuse. In this context, the snail is an example of an organism that has been used since ancient times to create remedies. The most extravagant claims have been made for these products, which have sometimes seemed very close to superstition. Analysis of the facts has therefore eliminated a huge number of these claims, but others have seemingly proved genuine or are still standing up to analysis. We have even seen a renewed interest in the gastropod for its nutritional aspects, its therapeutic applications and its use in cosmetic products. Our R&D laboratory started from this observation to verify the effectiveness of snail extracts and we found that the hepatopancreas gland and mucus of snails have major industrial potential in many areas.
The main properties of snail extracts are the result of the numerous active molecules naturally present in them. Enzybel International has developed specific, soft processes to enable it to produce extracts while preserving the highest level of active ingredients.

With its "library of snail extracts", Enzybel International is able to supply active ingredients for use in the production of cosmetics (face and body cream) and parapharmaceutical products (cough syrup).
The great flexibility and extensive knowledge of Enzybel International allow us to provide tailor-made products for our partners.
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Snail extracts for pharmacopoeia
Snail extracts for pharmacopoeia
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