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Sewage pumping stations

Sewage pumping stations

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A range of domestic sewage pumping stations HillMaster for residential and commercial buildings. HillMaster pumping stations are usually used where it is impossible to employ a gravitational sewer, e.g. onsite pumping stations, treated sewage pumping stations at sewage treatment plants, rainwater drainage systems.

Cost-effectiveness - a series of compact HillMaster pumping stations offers a comprehensive solution, meeting the requirements of pumping stations used both in household installations and at larger commercial facilities. HillMaster pumping stations were designed for users who want to reduce the costs of installation and labourage without compromising the high quality of the product.

Durability - the tank is made from GRP composite (polyesther resins strengthened by fibre glass), a strong and lightweight material, which is resistant to a range of chemical substances, and, most importantly, watertight. Tanks made from rotationally moulded PE are characterized by strong and thrust resistant construction, they are also lightweight, owing to which they can be easily transported and stored.

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Sewage pumping stations
Sewage pumping stations
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