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Operating the SAFFIR combines time-efficiency and ease of operation with consistent high-quality end results: every single step of the printing-cycle can be individually set, tested, and adjusted. Regardless of whether you want to run a single cycle or print continuously, it is possible, at any point in time, to fine-tune the distance the pad travels to either the cliché or the product.

Changing the SAFFIR’s patented closed ink cup is both straightforward and easy, which serves greatly towards increasing the SAFFIR’s overall flexibility. What’s more, the closed ink cup guarantees an odour-free working environment, keeps the ink longer at its proper viscosity, and allows the ink cup to be topped up without it having to be removed from the machine. Keeping your SAFFIR clean is simple, self-evident, and will not take you more than but a few moments.

In order to optimise your printing efficiency, the SAFFIR comes with an omni-directional magnetic pad holder, greatly facilitating moving the pad virtually anywhere in the horizontal plane to ensure pin-point printing accuracy. The ink take-up and printing strokes are consistently fast and precise.

The speed of the various printing movements can be set pneumatically.

The SAFFIR is available either as a table-top model, or fitted to a floor stand, in which case it comes with a height-adjustable product table.

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Printing Equipment Saffir
Printing Equipment Saffir
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