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Natural and Organic

One key focus is Natural and Organic. Natural ingredients are derived from natural sources and do not contain substances or additives that were not originally in the food. An organic ingredient is produced using methods that do not involve synthetic or chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Organic ingredients contain no genetically modified organisms.A large part of the Kreglinger Specialties' portfolio includes products that meet the requirements of this important trend. With the portfolio growing regularly, some of our ingredients include: natural flavours, natural sweetener (stevia), gluten free bakery mixes, and many more.

Clean Label

Following the natural and organic trend, a relatively new sub-category is clean labelling where products contain fewer or no E-numbers, in response to consumers adopting healthier lifestyles and reading ingredient labels more often than ever before. We can offer you ingredients and support in formulating your products with clean label ingredients. Some of these products are: soy lecithin replacer, MSG and yeast extract replacer, SiO2 replacer, and many more.

Functional Ingredients

are ingredients that improve the products processing and quality, giving them extra characteristics during production such as texture and absorbance of extra water. Kreglinger's portfolio consists of many functional ingredients including: gums, waxes, anti-sticking and glazing agents.

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Food ingredients
Food ingredients
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