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Plastic compounds — soft products on the basis of PVH which possess high elasticity with the wide temperature range from minus 60 to plus 100 degrees.

Plastic compound — material on the basis of polyvinylchloride. The composition for preparation of plastic compounds, as a rule contains: 100th polymer, 20 - 80 plasticizers, 2 - 5 stabilizers, and in certain cases and 0,1 - 3 dyes. The plastic compounds painted in different colors are issued in the form of granules, sheets, tapes, films. They are processed and processed into products by method of extrusion, rolling, mangling and molding under pressure. During extrusion PVC pitch is passed through extruder with preliminary warming up in the course of what receive granules, bars or sheets PVC. During rolling process when rolls rotate in different directions, than create the high shock pressure and temperature in zone of rollers, deform and thermally stick together them. Thus, they take layers and plaits of PVC. Rolling provides continuous deformation and orientation of PVC fibers along the direction of rolling. It provides the increased mechanical qualities of pitch with viniplastovy film. The mangling is applied to alignment of surface and consolidation of sheets.

Plastic compounds possess dielectric properties, water tightness, oil resistance and resistance to many organic solvents.

Plastic compounds have number of the shortcomings here it is necessary to refer their tendency to loss of elasticity and reduction of frost resistance in use. Predstvalen the wide range of materials from plastic compound: these are materials for cables and hoses, various insulating materials, products of medical appointment, window sealant.

Use of plastic compounds

Plastic compounds are used for production of covers, electricity cables, tiles for floors, materials for facing of walls, upholstery of furniture, packaging of foodstuff, for production of imitation leather and footwear. Transparent flexible tubes from plastic compound apply in medical life support systems and blood transfusions.

Plastic compounds — soft thermoplastic materials on the basis of polyvinylchloride which contain plasticizers, thermostabilizers and light stabilizers, antioxidants, greasings, dyes, pigments and fillers.

Plastic compounds receive intensive mixing of components with the subsequent plasticization of mix on rollers or in extruder. Frost resistance of separate types of plastic compounds reaches to minus 65 degrees.
Plastic compounds are issued in the form of tapes, granules and plaits. Plastic compounds are processed by method of extrusion, calendering, injection molding. Plastic compounds are applied to isolation of wires and cables, production of elastic profiles, tapes, tubes, hoses, plugs and membranes.

The polyvinyl chloride plasticized granulated and sheet plastic compounds of production of "Vladimir Chemical Plant" were widely used in many industries: in the electrotechnical, furniture, building, food, shoe, automotive, mechanical and nuclear industry. Constantly production of new types of plastic compounds for any production of brands of the cables operated in modern power, computer networks and communication systems accustoms.

Types of plastic compounds

Cable plastic compounds — are applied to ensuring isolation of protective shells of wires and cables in electrotechnical and power industry. Cable plastic compounds represent the thermoplastic molding grains received by way of extrusion during processing of the plasticized composition.

Shoe plastic compounds — are applied to production of footwear by way of injection molding in the shoe industry.

PVC plastic compounds for footwear are thermoplastic material which is received during processing of polyvinyl chloride composition. The polyvinyl chloride composition consists of the PVC suspension pitch with addition of plasticizers, thermostabilizers, plastic compound, and also dyes, fillers, etc.

Plastic compounds for automotive industry — plastic compounds which are applied to any production of component parts, way of injection molding and extrusion in automotive industry.

Sheet plastic compounds — are applied as material to isolation on production of special designs and products for lining of plating baths, covering of desktops, for facing of walls and floors on nuclear power plants and other production rooms. Sheet plastic compounds find the application as curtain protection material, for etch electrolysis tanks with temperature of operation up to 70 °C, for waterproofing of sports constructions.

Plastic compounds of the KE brand 57 - 40 represent the thermoplastic materials received during processing of polyvinyl chloride composition by way of extrusion. Plastic compounds are chemically steady against effect of acids and alkalis, their temperature schedule of operation from minus 15 to plus 70 degrees. PH - 2 plastic compounds are used for facing of the plating baths working at temperature schedule to plus 80 degrees.

Plastic compounds of special application, such as PB - 2, KSh, KO, MR, KE - 4, MUP - 2, Sh - 62 - O, PM - 1/42.
The granulated PB - 2 plastic compound is applied in automotive industry to production of toplivostoyky tubes. KSh, TO, MR, KE - 4, MUP - 2 — the granulated PVC of composition are made by extrusion method for production profile pogonazhnykh products: edgings in inside of the car, profiles for internal finishing of household and administration premises, furniture sealants. Sh - 62 - O — plastic compounds, are applied to processing in hoses - vakuumprovody by way of shnekovy extrusion. PM - 1/42 — plastic compounds, are applied to processing in products of medical appointment of extrusion as the way.

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PVH plastic compounds
PVH plastic compounds
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