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Bromelain enzyme

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Bromelain is the collective name for the enzymes found in various members of theBromeliaceaefamily. Bromelain from the pineapple plant is the most studied and the one produced byEnzybel International. The highest enzyme concentration occurs in the lower portion of mature pineapple plant stems; appreciable quantities are also present in fruits and leaves.

Enzybel International extracts and purifies the bromelain in Indonesia following the GMP for API's rules. Our production plant is located in the middle of pineapple plantation in the south of Sumatra Island.


  • Pharmaceutical > digestive aid, burn debridement, treatment of arthritis, antitumoral et anti-inflammatory
  • Cosmetic > skin creme, toothpaste
  • Protein processing > hydrolyzing milk, whey, meat, fish and soy proteins processing
  • Baking > glutens hydrolyzing
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Bromelain enzyme
Bromelain enzyme
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