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Сamera infrared InGaAs

Сamera infrared InGaAs

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The XS-1.7-320 near infrared InGaAs camera is available with standard InGaAs detector arrays working up to 1.7 µm and comes in a 60 and 100 Hz speed version. It allows you to choose the most suitable detector camera configuration for your specific research application. The camera head interfaces to a PC via standard USB 2.0 and each infrared camera is delivered with a graphical user interface X-Control, which offers direct access to various camera settings such as exposure time and gain setting. The XS-1.7-302 outputs 14-bit data. The software tools include two-point uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement.

Key Benefits


  • Easy integration with ultra-compact housing

  • High image quality

  • Plug-and-play

  • Stand-alone operation (analog out)

  • Exchange of lenses

  • Covert and eye-safe illumination

  • Xcontrol IR camera software

  • Frame grabbers

  • Lenses

  • Cables

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Сamera infrared InGaAs
Сamera infrared InGaAs
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